UMG Text: Line Spacing and Tracking

Hey Epic Team,

If I am not the first one who requests this feature, just delete this topic.

As written, it would be cool, if there would be more options to format text in UMG (Text, Textbox).

My most wished features would be:

  • Line Spacing between rows


  • Tracking (Distance between the Letters)

Both are also featured in Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign Text Tools,

and they would improve working with the text tool (and designing widgets with a lot of text) profoundly.

Thank you guys for your hard work.


Any idea if it is now possible ?

Both options are possible:

  • Line height is only exposed on multi line widgets in the appearance advanced sections
  • Kerning (distance between letters) is available for offline fonts, but not (yet) for runtime fonts as far I know, you need to set it in the font asset itself