UMG text justification

Hi Unreal community! This is probably going to be easy one :slight_smile:

I am creating menu for my game. In loading screen I would like to have small recapitulation of actual story so far in game, just to have hint what is happening.

I am not able to find how to jusitfy text in umg to have “justify with last line aligned left” as you can see on my menu design (long text in a block):


I’ve tried and looked hopefully around all properties in a text available, but maybe I missed something, or is there some specific way I need to do this?

Thanks for helping out!


Have you tried using the wrapping settings after selected your justification? I’m not sure if is justification support (flush left and right) like your image. 7a4a918339ea48a71f7c1965f3f71c560afe554c.png

Hi vivalabugz,
Thank you for answer, yep wrapping settings I tried, but did not managed to have it nicely aligned (flush left and right) :(.

If it is not supported, would it be possible to create it in c++ as an additional functionality? At this point I have just really basic knowledge of coding / c++, (I am mainly 3d artist) but there must be way how to do this, to me it is like basic must to have wherever you have longer block of text, in mater of nice visuals.

Ok I did some research in other games, I actually never even realized it when playing…but I did not found any game that uses text block justification with “flush left and right” :confused: (witcher 3, mass effect, fallout 4…), so maybe I will leave it, it is probably not so easy having this functionality, but if someone knows more I’d be thankful for any additional information on this.

We support Left, Center & Right. We don’t support the fill justification.

Hi Nick, thank you for the information. I will stick with the possibilities now available.

Is it planned in a future?

Thank you.

It is not planned for the future.

That would be a nice addition. Give the text box some love !

I actually need it too, using unreal more and more as a general tool, now to do presentations…