UMG - Text got mixed with Background Image´s transparency

Hey folks,

i created a little SubWidget with the following content.

Background Image

On top of that 3 TextBoxes and another Image.

I thought i could do this like that: 5f30fc55279561a656c02841bd2a9caf4e740d91.png

But it seems i missed something which prevents me to ignore the Background Image´s influence on my Text.
The issue i have is that the Background Image fully cover my textboxes, even though i overlayed it.

If i add some translucency to the image the text will become a bit visible but is translucent itself…

Can you tell me what im missing?

best regards

When you select an element in the hierarchy, on the right side of the screen in the ‘details’ pane, you will see ‘ZOrder’ (near the top). Lowering this number for any element will draw it below any element with a higher number.

Elements in the overlay will not have ZOrder and instead rely on their hierarchy within the overlay itself.

So in your case, it just looks like you need to move the ‘SomeImage’ element above the ‘VerticalBox’.

Edit: Also looks like the only element in the root overlay is your horizontalbox. Is it needed then? Maybe just wrap that box in a canvaspanel?