UMG Text Glowing Effect

Hello Community,

How do I create a glowing effect in umg for text?
Don’t find anything for it.
I guess I was trying to make everything as images. But to make the complete alphabet as images and make it as array is a bit too complex to make.
Maybe there are some tricks but I have no idea.


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I wonder if you bump up the color of something for example the Red channel up to 50, wouldn’t you get that effect?

I guess no I mean look at the effect:

Have you sort this out to achieve a effect like this ?

It would be nice to do this on Unreal, but I think the only way is to edit the Slate Text code in C++. I tried with the outline material, but there’s no way to make that glow effect, because you need to fade from the border of the letters and make a sort of halo for each letter. Even if you use the TextureCoordinate node with Coordinate Index 1, which allows you to change the material outline for each character of the text, you cannot do anything on the material as far as I see.
Maybe a way would be to make a copy of the text under the original text and fading it into a sort of halo for each character, but again I don’t know if that’s possible inside the Font material or it needs to be done in C++.