UMG Text Box Content Alignment


I was toying with UMG today (UE 4.9.2) and when trying to make a quantity input box, I couldn’t find any way to get the input text aligned to the right, what I get is:
but what I need is:

I tried with having a container with the inner text box set to auto-size anchored right like:

My issue with this is if I don’t click directly on the text box, the focus is not set to it, and due to containment, the textbox area is kept small.

Just having a text alignment (Left, Center, Right) or content alignment feature would be nice.
Having some kind of support for decimals, like for a price similar, would be nice too but not essential.

In the meantime, is there a way to get that behavior, maybe I could select the text box when the container is clicked on or a way to set the right alignment on that text box text?


Does the justification do nothing for you? Maybe the context of your widget would help…where your text block is, how it’s nested, etc.

This is a Text Box, single line input. I do not see a Justification attribute on this control.

Right here:


Yes, you are right for a text block, but this is not what i’m having an issue with. I have an issue with the text box, which is the input version of text block, where i can enter values into. Text Block only displays the value.

Nevermind, guess I wasn’t searching properly the first time, I did find this exact issue in answerhub, its not supported yet.