UMG Text Block can't access Data?


I’ve been playing around with some very simple UMG HUD stuff, and set it aside for a while to work on other aspects of my Project, however when I returned to my UMG HUD, all TextBlocks reverted to TextBlock as well as nolonger accepting Input for the Functions I wrote that gave them their text to Display.

Strangely Enough this only affects TextBlocks: This refuses to work anymore

While this gets the Data in the same way perfectly fine:

Is it maybe a change from Version 4.4.3?

The same thing also happens with other Actors I try to access, nothing that is text, will actually be displayed in TextBlocks.

Hi Mopperl,

Which version of the editor are you currently using? Additionally, does this give you an error of any type or does it simply not work?

It simply did not work, I used the 4.4 experimental, eventually that crashed the Editor the more I fiddled with it, but in the 4.5 Preview the issue seems to have been resolved, and the BP that crashed the experinmental 4.4 works perfectly fine in 4.5

Hi Mopperl,

I am happy to hear that it is working for you as of the preview release for 4.5. I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes. If you continue to experience this error, please comment with updated information. Thank you!