UMG Text Animation bug?

I’ve made a simple “fade in” animation on a widget blueprint. The opacity/alpha starts as 0 and then eventually goes up to 1.

I’m calling the animation using the construct event and calling the widget through the level blueprint with the event “OnBeginPlay”.

Now everytime I start playing, the text appears for a split second and disappears, and then the animation begins.

How can I make the animation starts immediatly instead of the text appearing first? Or how can I stop the text from appearing/desappearing and just execute the animation?

Have you tried adding a Play function to your widget and calling it after it’s loaded and added to the viewport? Instead of doing it in the construction, I don’t think that’s the right place for it.

Function is done.

However I think I need an object to call it properly on level blueprint.

Can someone answer me how to make a function for the widget and call it on the level blueprint?