UMG support for drawing PaperSprite or using texture atlas

Currently I have to use a separate texture for each UI element in UMG.

I have tried using Flipbook node in a material but it do not work with UMG (at least not work in mobile, due to limitations of material expressions like not using textureObject).

I do not know if there exists a way to make use of Sprites / Texture atlas in UMG. If there is, great, point me to some sample please :P. If not, i think its necessary for performance reasons …


With flipbook, you can skip the TextureObject input and just use the UVs wire from the Flipbook node and feed it into a sampler.

That said, why are you using a Flipbook with for an atlased texture? Flipbooks are for animations, there are other nodes for remapping UV ranges.

yes, I do this using Custom UVs. The result is correct but when applying the material to an UMG widget I see the full texture instead of the cropped one.

I use Flipbook node because I do not know how doing … so if you could suggest a setup which works with UMG I would be really happy!

You can have a look here where I ask how to setup texture atlas for UMG and got not luck:

Thanks RPotter!

Hey guys, I’ve hacked together an AnimatedImage class for doing spritesheet animation in UMG: UMG Animated Image. · GitHub