[UMG] Stretch to Fill

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get UMG to work, and it’s working perfectly fine, but I couldn’t manage to be resolution-independent…
I have the following setup in my widget: Canvas → VerticalBox → 2 ProgressBars and (the same Canvas): Canvas → VerticalBox → TextBox as seen in this picture:

I would like to make them both stretch to fill the whole screen, but when I try to resize the PIE-Window they start to overlap and finally the progress bars are OVER the textbox so I can’t see the text anymore. (When I reduce the X-Size (horizontally))
I would like to have them both equally far away from each other for each resolution as well as I want their relative size to be constant…

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


Be sure to check out Unreal Engine 4 Documentation - Anchors

Canvas panel needs a horizontal box containing a vertical box (with bars stacked) and a text element.
You might also need a horizontal-stretch anchor for your horizontal box.

Great, thank you, didn’t realize the power of Anchors :slight_smile:

Couldn`t tell if the root canvas panel was up in the corner or across a portion of the screen… if the later, you may then want that horizontal stretch.