UMG "start at time" doesn't work?


I’m trying to reverse an widget animation from a certain point in the animation time. Basically when you hover over something it starts playing, then when you no longer hover over it it starts reverse playing, but i need it to play from where the first animation was. Like now when i stop hovering over the item is start playing the reverse from beginning.
So i’m using “start at time” which gives me a 0-1 value of the animation time but when i give the time from the first animation to the second it doesn’t work, it still always starts from beginning.

Please help! Thanks.


Hey! I don’t have an answer but I have been experiencing the same issue ever since I started using Animations in my widgets. The start at time = Full Animation Length and PlayMode = Reverse are causing the same issue here. Guess I am just pointing out that you are not the only one having this issue. (oddly enough my widget positions exactly to where it needs to be by the end of the animation… just without any animation).

Hey man, I think i found out what is happening although i don’t have a solution. I have tried putting play mode to forward and then the start at time seems to work as intended. But as soon as you set playmode to reverse it no longer works. I’m guessing that is because when you put it to reverse it overwrites the start at time because your animation is supposed to play backward. Strangely though i have made a seperate new animation which does basically what my reverse animation did but then in a forward mode. And the start at time doesn’t work here either. It also starts at the beginning. So I don’t know what’s going on tbh. It’s actually more confusing now. lol

So when i use pause and forward the start at time works as intended. But when i use backward or a new animation it doesn’t work.

Perhaps this is a bug? It was never so high my feature list to have animations so I never looked further into it / reported it. Of course, we also seem to be the only ones experiencing it.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. I think it’s most likely because we are misunderstanding something about how it works. xD But it could be a bug maybe, really not sure.

I THINK start at time is always gonna be forward moving. What I mean is if your animation is 1 second long, then no matter whether your animation is moving forward or backwards, start at time 1 would be the end of either of those animations. Maybe a better way to say it is “start at this amount of time after the animation has started playing”

Again, I THINK. I’ve had a lot of bugs with UMG anims, so it could be that too.

same problem , please is they are a way to go around it , i already made a lot of animation and cat reverse it from a start time

I had this problem a few weeks ago, there are several solutions you can try. The first is using timelines instead of animations, and lerping the values you want. The second is starting a timer, promoting the time given to a variable, and using that time to start the reverse animation at.

Oof, I know I may be resurrecting this thread, but I figured out how to fix. Basically, you want to set your start time when doing play animation time range as animation length - [actual start time]. I guess the reverse play mode does something to get the start time backwards. Also, this isn’t needed for the end time pin. That one is correct. It’s just the start time pin that is backwards. Likely a bug, but IDK if they can fix it now, since it might break other people’s stuff.