UMG Spinner Doesn't Show Numbers Right

I’m using 4.9.2 of the Unreal Engine but this have been an issue since at least 4.8 with UMG. The Spinner widget is neigh on impossible to edit when you use it on the phone.

Here is a picture of my menu from my phone (Sony Xperia Compact Z1):

Here is what it looks like when you just touch the spinner box:

Still looks fine, but then look what happens when I press inside that box to edit the value manually instead of using the microscopic arrows that I can’t see any way:

The dot disappears and trying to add it with the on-screen keyboard is just consumed instead of appended inside the box. Here is the more weird part: Some times when you edit the value inside that box it may stay behind the decimal point, but some times it won’t. It’s very inconsistent and almost completely unsuable on mobile.

Hello Vipar,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report (UE-21735) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. Thanks you for your information and time.

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Okay, good to know. It occurs that this has been a problem for a long while probably since before 4.7. Sort of like the combo box where you still can’t modify the font in any way.