[UMG] Snap animation to a specific frame

I have an image that i made an animation for that is 5 frames that just snaps the image to a location. I want to be able to tell the animation to go to a specific frame and just stay there without playing. Is this possible?

Currently no, we could add a way to jump to a specific point in time. It’s a series of key-frames and we interpolate between key-frames based on the sample time, so you’ll never be able to say 'goto frame 4", but we could potentially add a “Goto 2 seconds”. What’s the goal of having this functionality?

PS. This seems like a super buggy feature to introduce, so I don’t know that we would. Someone writes code that says, goto 2 seconds, and then some artist tweaks it and moves the frames around and now it’s no longer meaningful to go to 2 seconds. You’d be much better off declaring specific states/animations for given states instead of arbitrary offsets in a particular animation. Or if it were possible, named points in an animation. That way you divorce specific times from known state points in the animations.

I have a menu and you can select 1 of 4 options and a indicator highlights that option. I would like just to have an animation with 4 frames so I can just set the indicator to the selected location. I guess I could have 4 different animations, 1 for each location