UMG slider - Set "If" condition to avoid minus zero values

Hi all,

I’m doing a setup of a UMG with a slider in order to control 2 morph targets, one skinny and one fat.

In order to do this I created a slider and put the value to be 0.5, so that I can move the slider left and right ( Skinny to Fat morph ).

I set a clamp value so that the slider, when going right, will set the value to full fat, and when it’s in the middle it’ll be 0.
Issue is that if I go on the left the morph target on the Fat will go also negative and I don’t want this to happen.

Is there a way to setup a condition where I set “If minus zero/negative” don’t affect that morph target


Mathematically zero is neither positive or negative so when I read “negative zero” I find myself scratching my head. Could you mean “less than zero” rather than “negative zero”?