UMG Slider isn't draggable anymore after packaging [Solved]


An Actor with a Widget component. In the Widget set in the component there are 2 Buttons and a some Sliders.
The Camera has a widget interaction component.


The buttons working fine.
The slider works fine in PIE but in standalone mode or in a packaged Game it only reacts to clicks. The slider isn’t draggable anymore. Same on every other slider. They worked perfect in the Editor Window Gameplay.

What I tried:

Set a Step Size, turn of the step size, set the 3d Widget in permanent focus with UI only (with a ref to the actor -> get user widget or something like that).
Nothing helped.

I hope someone can help me I think it’s easy to reproduce if you follow the instructions.

Solved by myself.
Uncheck the “receive hardware input” at the widget component in the actor who holds the 3d Widget.