UMG slider controlling rotation of character?

Hi, I’m having a little trouble using a slider in UMG to rotate a character.
Here is an image showing what I’ve done so far which is definitely wrong, but I’m pretty sure that I’m headed in the right direction. Although don’t laugh if its completely wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any body got any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Haha wait scratch that. I have movement. I replaced player controller with player character. It does only rotate in one direction though regardless of which way the slider moves. I’m going to play about with it and see what i can do, but if its obvious then don’t hesitate to tell me because you’ll be saving me much time!


I can not do this. It’s playing games with my mind! helpppp!

Alright now I’ve realized that i don’t even need to move the slider for the character to rotate, I just click on it and hold and it rotates and then it stops if I release.

Any ideas?


The slider produces a normalized value between 0 and 1. So you’re going to need to multiply it by 360.

Also you’re trying to rotate the player controller, which isn’t the representation of the player’s avatar in the world. You probably want the player’s pawn/character.

Ahhh ok,
Could you possibly provide me with an example if you’re not too busy? its been a while since I’ve delved in to blueprints so I’m just getting back in to the flow.


Yeah i figured that out in the second post. that’s how I managed to get movement in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue: I ended up using player character.
I’m getting close to key framing it but i really would rather not have to do that.


Now the character just spins mentally out of control.
This is what I have and it’s literally guess work at the moment.

I’ve tried branches with the condition of A greater than B but it’s makes no difference. :confused:

Try Set rotation instead of add rotation

I love you! That worked. That was a good 3 hours of my life gone for one node.