UMG size/issue for HTML

I have created my project and completed, but I am left with one problem that I cannot solve for the life of me. My main menu has a major resizing/placement problem. For example:

Then when I go fullscreen, I get this:

And back out of fullscreen:

So, I have no idea what is going on. I have the menu size set to 1280 x 720 and tried 1920 x 1080, getting the same result.

Any suggestions? I know browser resolution is 800 x 600 (?) and I’ve tried that as well, I get the same result. The rest of the game runs normal. Everything is anchored as well.

We’ve been having the same issue.

Although, I’ve noticed that for webbrowser, the size of your screen (Display Settings) is one of the thing that breaks the resolution. If you set your screen to 720p for example, and your setRes is set to 720, when going full screen, it will be perfectly fine. Our screens are set to 1080p and we have the same problem, on full screen, it’s bottom left corner.

There are some “Resize” functions in the HTML file itself, but nothing has been working for us so far.

Did you solved this?