UMG simply stops working but only under a very specific case scenario.

This problem has been bugging me for awhile now and its having an effect on the progress of my game. It inspired a post I made a few days ago but this particular problem is really getting to me while I have been able to solve most other issues.
Basically the problem is that for some really hard to track down reason all variables on the UMG player HUD of the server client seemingly become read only but only if someone joins the game.

All other cases work 100% correctly.

Start the server and play the game with no clients, everything works perfectly.
Start the game with 2 or more clients on a dedicated server, everything works perfectly.

Start a listen server and run around the map for a bit everything works perfectly unless someone joins the server then all of a sudden the listen server clients HUD simply refuses to work anymore. Everything, all variables stop updating visibility of widgets break completely. If I run a break point it seems to go through the motions and run the scripts but in this specific case the UMG player hud becomes unresponsive.

No clue what the problem is or how to fix it.

If anyone has any idea what is causing this to break like this please let me know as this has been one of the more frustrating bugs I have had to deal with during the project.

Ok so this is still plaguing me right now. Here is more info.

Here is the input key for hitting escape in the player controller.
Remember, this works in all situations but specifically when you are
the server AND someone joins the game. Using break points this
seems to function 100% in all cases.

Ok so here it shows the interface call within the player HUD.
This uses a flip flop to hide and show the escape menu. Using
breakpoints this code seems to go through the motions with
any issues.

So tracking things down it seems like these visibility variables
become read only or unresponsive when someone joins the game.
I cant figure out what is causing this! What am I missing?