UMG "SetSize" Problem - Double Drawing (and alternate scaling problem)

Hi, Im currently attempting to make a dynamic widget which fills a portion of the screen with another widget i have created.

When adding a new widget as a child to a horizontal box, and then using the “setSize” option and “fill” it seems to draw twice…

Here are two images to help understand what my problem is.

This is my blueprint to execute the dynamic adding of a widget to my other widget.

And here is what happens, when using a breakpoint at the “SetSize” function, it has drawn the opriginal UI at full size, broke, and then scales, but does not remove the footprint of the original? any guidance much appreciated, i have about 32x4 user interfaces to dynamically add to one screen at some point in the future so this is really bugging me!!!


solved it, have to remove the original widget (even though I childed and filled it into a new box).

I don’t understand why you’re adding it to the viewport and also adding it as a child widget. The underlying code should probably detect that and automatically remove it from the viewport if you do that. But, you only need to use one of those functions - you’re either adding it to the full screen of the game (Add to Viewport) or you’re making it a child of an existing widget (Add Child).