UMG: Set Brush from Material not working

Engine version: 4.7.1

I’ve got an image widget which I’d like to set dynamically at run time by using a material. I’m using the “Set Brush from Material” node but it is not working, regardless of what material I am inserting. If I set the brush by using “Set Brush from Image”, it works, but I can’t set any material parameters.

I am able to replicate this in an empty project.

Here is a screen shot of my node graph within UMG:


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After reading over your issue I did a bit of digging and I have found that this is a known issue (UE-5975) I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. Thank you for your information and time.

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This does now work.
Engine version: 4.7.3

What I did is that I made a duplicate material just in the new material I set my base color into emission instead and checked “Used with UI”.

I can give some screenshots about the material and the bp later. But it’s pretty much what you have done. You just need to change the material parts that I said.

Edit: (Adding references)

Material Based Images

Materials can also be assigned as the Image asset for your Image States, but you will need to change a few settings. Inside the Material, in the Details panel under Usage, you will need to check the Used with UI checkbox. This enables compiling a different shader specifically for Slate. You also need to only output Emissive Color

Edit Showing it working:

This is when I have nothing chosen or when I got deco chosen (because we haven’t added deco yet.

This is when I choose floor, tile and color. You can see the material changing color on the right side.

This is when I choose wall, tile and color. You can see the material changing color on the right side.

This is how the material looks. I have one master material for the objects and one master material for widget.

Update for UE 4.9:
“Used with UI” checkbox is replaced by a new material domain.
Just set your material domain to “User Interface”.

By using “User Interface” Domain I’m not able to create metallic material for User Interface. Here is a screenshot of it. There is no input pin for metallic.
How do i create metallic material for user interface ?