[UMG]Second player lost controller when UMG used


I have made a simple local multiplayer game with ball Template. I have added some new rules that work perfectly. I just have a problem and don’t found any solution:

When I make an OpenLevel from UMD button, the level load perfecly but the player 2 lost his controller (I think… I can control It anymore) but if I make an OpenLevel at the end of the game (when all player have touch a trigger, for exemple), the level is charged and all player can control they ball whitout any problem…

I try to unposses pawn and posses them again in the level Event BeginPLay, that not work…

Any Idea?


Hey there,

please provide some screenshots of how your logic works, noone can give you a general solution if
you just describe your problem like this



It’s very easy te reproduce:

-Create any type of BP game template (I have try Third Person, FPS and Rolling… so I think that work with all other too)
-Create a Trigger when it was touch by a player, it open the level again
-Create a second player to test
-Play to test

When a player touch the trigger, the level is reloaded and all players can play, you can try it some time, all player can play, again and again

Now the problem:
-Create a menu BP with just 1 button
-Assign open menu with a key (“p” in my case)
-Make it Open Level when you clic on it
-Start the game, all player work

Now, open the menu, click on the button, the level is realoaded, the player 1 can play, the player 2 cannot… and if you try to touch the trigger, the problem stay, only player 1 can play when level is reloaded…

Here, some screenshot
-When player choose a skin, the player valid it and the map is loaded, work for all player and all work fine

-How I create the players

-The trigger who open the level (I do it just for testing purpose)

-The button who make the player 2 not working

Thank you!

Ok, the problem come from the mouse that does not desappear when the menu load new map… I have to clic in the game windows to make the player 2 playable again… there is a solution for that?

I already did that:

In case of: I use flip/flap for show and hide the menu, and when I just show and hide the menu, with no clic, the mouse desappear correctly

Try adding a delay before creating your UMG widgets

I’ve try, but nothing chnage.

OK, solution found here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/175314/im-not-able-to-control-my-character-after-switchin.html#comment-176775-form

Just add Set Input Mode Game Only after Event Begin Play and no problem anymore :smiley: