UMG Scrollbox hijacks touch/click and triggers OnRelease events - any way to avoid this without breaking the scrollbox functionality?

I’ve tried this on desktop and mobile with both vertical and horizontal scrollboxes.

I have a scroll box that holds a list of buttons which are added during runtime, and each button is set up to trigger when the OnRelease event is detected. Additionally, I have their interaction mode is set to Precise Click/Touch.

Here is my problem: When I click or touch a button and try to scroll through the list, the OnRelease event of the button immediately fires because the scrollbox is hijacking the input and causing the button to think I’ve ended the click, or lifted my finger. First I tried overriding this in the Player Controller with a Touch Input that would set a bool to true and block the Release event from firing while true, but that didn’t work because the scroll box is also causing the Player Controller to think I’ve ended the click or lifted my finger and thus setting the bool back to false. Next I tried adding an override directly into the widget for Touch Start, but that had the same issue as the Player Controller.

I had the idea to get the click/touch position OnPress and a second time OnRelease and compare the two locations and run the results through a branch - I’m not sure if that will work yet, and I’m wondering if there is a better way or if the scrollbox is even functioning properly.

I see what you mean. Even just left-click and drag ontop of a button inside a scrollbox will fire the buttons on released event as you said. I don’t think your idea would work, because you would be trying to get the click or touch position after release, meaning there is no click or touch to get.

Hi! I have same problem with 4.19 in android. Only way to work seems to use OnClicked… but is not very reliable as usually miss a lot of taps!