UMG scrollbox Add Child: This is impossible.

Im trying to create a small and very basic phone system.
You get a list with persons and if you click the person another list will be filled with messages.

2 Scrollboxes: 1 with the persons 1 with all the messages

Technique is AddChild

Problem is since 10 hours now: The second list seems to not work correctly. I have to either add the message to viewport or nothing will show up.

If i press the button where one person is listed i want the other scrollbox to show the conversation.

I assume the message itself is a text box? Try binding the text from the array. If you take a look at the dynamic inventory system tutorial, it discusses how to output bindings to different windows withing one widget. If you want the windows to appear in the exact same place (i.e. a cell phone screen), stack them and hide them. Then just add to viewport as needed. Here is a link to that tutorial:

I think this is fixed today, the loop for give problems that is all.