UMG Scroll Box improvements

Hi, I am working with Scroll Boxes right now and would like to have two things exposed:

  1. Scroll speed. It just scrolls so slow when using the mouse wheel, it is close to unusable for my purpose.
  2. Expose “getEndScrollOffset” to blueprints. This would help to make a scroll box, that adds content at the bottom, short before the end is reached. So content can be loaded dynamically.

I hope you can implement these features, which would save the users so much time.

Hi B REX, it is possible to change the scroll speed in the editor with the console command Slate.GlobalScrollAmount. As for your second point: wouldn’t it be better to use ScrollToEnd() or ScrollWidgetIntoView() with the third parameter set to TopOrLeft or Center. Cheers,

Hey, thank you very much for your reply.
Slate.GlobalScrollAmount worked fine and solved my problem, thanks!!
For my second point:
Your suggestion doesn’t help here. I don’t want to automatically scroll to a specific position. I want to know when there is for example 200 px left to scroll until I reach the bottom. This would then trigger to load new stuff asynchroneously which will then expand the scrollbox again. And I need to know it before I actually hit the bottom, as this would stop the nice swipe scrolling on smartphones

Ah ok, I’ll see if I can expose that for you :wink:

Thank you, that would be awesome!

Actually someone already beat me to the punch and submitted a PR, see .

Ah, okay. But I guess we won’t see that feature coming soon. The PR is older than a year and still waiting for Review…