UMG screen size

Hey I have a short question,

is it possible to create a UMG widget which always fits 100% into the window?

If the window is 1920x1080 the UMG widget should be 1920x1080 and if the windows is 400x400 the UMG widget should be 400x400 and so on…

Yes try using the anchors, see if that works.

That was too easy. :smiley:

Thank you!

Now I have a new question.

I tried to catch the OnMouseButtonUp-event. For this I override it, but it never gets called. The OnMouseButtonDown-event gets called. Am I doing something wrong?

Not sure exactly what your trying to do. Got a pic of the setup? Or describe a little more detail.

Oh, I fixed it by myself. I found out that I have to enable “Input Mode UIOnly”. Then my HUD receives the “Mouse Button Up”-event.