UMG - Screen distortion problem?

Hi guys!

A while ago I added my very first UMG widget ( the curved bars you see in the attached screenshot representing health and stamina).

The problem is that I now am experiencing a weird “Border” around the edges of the screen which seems to distort and grow in intensity as I play. Things get particularly bad if I’m looking at a bright object, as the “lense flare” effect stacks up on my screen and persists long after I’ve stopped looking at the object.

All of this goes away as soon as I remove the Widget from my screen …

Here is how I have set up my blueprint.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this? The weird thing is that nobody else on my team seems to be getting it, only me. It happens regardless of whether I play in editor, or on a cooked build, and it happens full screen as well as windowed.

Just cooked a build and it’s not happening there, so this may be a PIE issue…

When using UMG we are experiencing the same distortion effects.