UMG: Scaling the widget's render scale will cause it become too fuzzy?


Here is the result:
Up: 1 scale
Down: 3 times scale:

How to fix this?

btw, If a widget is out of the game window(e.g:top game window title bar), mouse will be hooked by the widget(you can’t press left mouse button to move game window), is this a bug?


Render Scale does not affect the size of text that we request from freetype. The text will use the size requested based on the layout transform of the widget only, then scaled up directly from there with render transform.

Yeah, it’s a bug, the clipping rect on the viewport isn’t being used in the hit test grid.

Thank you, NickDarnell

Not only the font, the other widget too.

In unity3d’s NGUI, scale up a widget(e.g: pic widget) it will keep it clear if the pic has enough resolution. But in UMG it doesn’t. Both NGUI and UMG use same resolution pic on a image widget…

If I want to make the widget keep clear in UMG, what I need to do?


Can you post some screenshots along with how the textures are configured? Is the texture set to be TC_EditorIcon, aka Uncompressed?

The render scale is taken into account for images, they should scale up just fine if you have a higher resolution image than what’s displayed.