UMG Scalebox...

Is this what you want to use if you are making menus, and you want them to scale with the screen when you change resolutions? Can not find much info on this, and the results in the editor seem counter intuitive.

What I am trying to accomplish is building menus with UMG, and when you set the resolution, the whole thing scales so it looks the same, is centered, no matter the resolution. Does not seem to work. So a menu in the middle of the screen at 1920x1080 would look the same at 1024x768. Anyone done such a thing? Or is it simply not possible in UE4 because of the movement away from setting game resolutions?

UMG already scales down as the resolution is resolution is reduced, how are you testing this?

I have a menu that changes the resolutions via r.SetRes … (which btw works in PIE separate window, but not in a packaged game… which is a different issue)… Here are three shots, the last shows the cutoff, clearly there is not automatic scaling…

Good grief, now it get’s a database error when trying to upload the last one…

Seems more like an anchoring issue to me. What happens if you scale it down while maintaining the aspect ratio?

I have never paid a bit of attention to what resolution is what aspect ration, so no idea. And what I am looking for is not for the menu to ‘get bigger’ as the resolution goes down, I want it to basically look the same (in proportion) no matter the resolution, that’s what seems to not be possible, or at least there is no info I can currently find on such a thing.

1920x1080 is a 16:9 ratio.

Ok, works great there, is other resolutions that cut off. Guess I am gonna have to read in what the current resolution is and pass the x and y to some routine to set the location for every widget to center everything. Like others have said, would be nice if basic features were all in place before they worked on all the other stuff in the engine.

Jamendxman3, thanks, seems it was a combo of many things, one being changing all the Anchoring and offsets, quite a pain.

Actually, it scales, to a point, but some things always seem to move around a bit.