UMG round timer *help needed*

I’m looking to setup a round timer through UMG, I’m still learning UMG/Blueprints but what I think I should be doing is setting up a editable text and attaching a binding to it where I can define some sort of timer (example 2:00 counting down to 0:00) and have it display on the hud, counting down second to second. Am I going about this wrong? I can’t seem to find any tutorials to help me out, any help is appreciated, thanks!

Can’t seem to figure this out. Trying to display a timer with UMG should be easier but I’m new.

I found some documentation on Timers from unreal:

I’m not sure how I could set a timer to the HUD through UMG, though.

So I’ve tried multiple ways through the level blueprint with all sorts of timers but can’t get a good system going, the most simple system that I’ve worked out i went straight to UMG to test.test.pngbptest.png

Its behavior is attached to the editable text box (the grey 0:00 in the HUD) I assume because its set to "display the string whenever UMGeditablebox is enabled, every second is why its updated so frequently (based of SS its a lot!) I’m not sure where to go from here. The end goal here is to replace the “0:00” in the editable text box with the game time, updated every 1 second, and do it counting down, but for now establishing it every 1 second counting up is a big leap.

I think I dids it

can I has cookie?

And this is the original video

Thank you so much! I’m going to see if i can replicate this asap. Also laughed when you got the phone call in the middle of explaining

That’s perfect! Thank you!