UMG Rich Text Block - Ability to enlarge inline image past the Default font size

Currently, inline images in a Rich Text Block will scale but only as large as the current font size. So I try to change the font size where the image is (in order to get the image larger), but you can’t wrap <img id=“id”/> with another style, because the image doesn’t get picked up. I also tried using a size box to override the height for the rich text block but it remains small.

As a workaround, currently I set the “Default” rich text style to the size that I want my inline images, and then apply a different (smaller) font style to the text either side of the image. It’s ok because most of my inline images are the same size. But it would be great if you could just use your default style for your text, then adjust your image size separately.

If we could go:

This is some default style text<ImgSize><img id="id"/></> and this is some more text

Then we could use styles to set maximum sizes for an inline image.

edit: actually nesting styles in general would be great. sounds hard though…

I want to second this, as i just ran into the same problem.

Yes, travel in this forum to find a solution