[UMG] Retainer Box fudgery?

I need the ‘container’ effect of the Retainer Box widget that only displays widgets within its bounds (effectively acting like ‘overflow: hidden’ in CSS) but child widgets behave very strangely / don’t work at all. For example the Slider widget doesn’t follow the cursor and the Combo Box doesn’t work at all. Any thoughts on this?

UMG’s Retainer Box allows you to detach widget render frequency from the main game render so you can update the widget less often than the current framerate. Since it outputs to a render target, as a side effect, it gives you a chance to add some basic post process via material.

Are you sure Retainer Box is what you need?

Perhaps you’re looking for a Scrollbox - that’s the component that automatically handles children larger than its original size.

Managed to solve it by animating the anchors instead of the transform!

Thanks though Everynone (interesting name lol)