UMG Reset button

Hello !

I have an app with some sliders that i use to control morph targets, so i create a button to reset sliders value and set all morph targets back to 0.0. But i don’t know why, when i click the reset button all sliders back to 0 and nothing happens with morph targets… until i click on any slider or if the sliderMov05 “Facial Axis” is not 0, then all morph targets back to 0.

I don’t know if i missing something, … or its a bug :expressionless:

I’ll provide a demo for download so you guys can see what happening. Download Demo here

To see the problem, don’t move the “Facial Axis” slider.

Here the button event.

Sorry, my English is not the best.

Well i managed to solve the problem, by using the reset button to restart level … but i still don’t know what going on with that slider behavior. :confused:

noticed some things in UMG seem to require a mouse click to get the widget back in focus or something, had this happen in another similar case.

you could trick it in a way with a confirmation button when someone wants to reset the slider, sorta a cheap hack but would work & fit into your case. if it worked that is.

wouldn’t reply but hate having to restart just to reset something in UMG
you could also check your Set Game Mode node and try some others could possibly help, anyway good luck on finding a better solution

The restart level is working, since its a simple app for lessons only … no big deal with restart level.

I know its not the correct way to do it, but, the other way (looks more logical) not working.

Is this “mouse click to get the widget back in focus” really necessary ??

Another creepy thing … why if my SliderMov05 (the facial axis one) is not 0 … all works, and no click needed to back in focus … Its a simple slider like all the others heh. I revised all blueprints tons of times to find something, no clue.


how are you handling focus anyway?
does the widget have total focus? or is just clickable that can cause issues sometimes
which input mode are you using when you add ‘widget’ to viewport?

mainly just curious, we learn a lot from others ya know lol

I using the “Set Input Mode Game and UI” node, and already tested with “UI Only” … same thing happens on both modes.
In the player controller blueprint, on event begin play … i create the widget, set to a variable, add to viewport and set input mode.