UMG remove UI


I am using a UI Widget blueprint to “add child” another Widget blueprint containing a button to a scrollBox, works perfectly, except to the part where when I right click, the right click event is carried from the Pawn blueprint to the “button” widget blueprint, its checks if the mouse is over the button and if it is, prints a message.

It works, but when I then use remove from viewport/parent the buttons, they disappear as expected but they are still in load as I can still see them in the Debug Filter and so whenever I right click, even with the parent Widget removed, it still prints out the message.

I have been searching for a way to unload the button widget and its parent but can’t seem to find one.

Is it a bug ? Is there a way to unload the Widget ? Or is it not included in the Engine yet ?

Thank you for your consideration and good day.

Hello ,

The widget is working as intended. That being said, you could try using a boolean value to determent if your mouse’s right click should fire off to the widget. This boolean could be set when the widget is added or removed form the viewport. I hope that this helps.

Make it a great day