UMG releases player touch input

I am attempting to implement UMG into a game I am building for iOS, which has a simple multi-touch setup - you hold the right side of the screen to do one thing and tap the left side of the screen to do another.

However, I am having a problem with UMG causing released InputTouch events to fire. This is probably to do with my lack of understanding in how input events are consumed across different blueprints, but basically when holding the right side of the screen if you then tap a button in UMG (calling an OnClicked event) InputTouch calls ‘released’, signifying it thinks I have taken my finger off the right hand side of the screen when I actually haven’t. I have a print screen directly after InputTouch pressed and released, and only released fires as soon as I touch the UMG button.

Any help is much appreciated, I can post screenshots of my setup if it helps.

I have the same issue. While having the first finger touching the device, when a second finger touches a UMG button, the first finger triggers a released event. I would also like some help with this.

Any fix on this subject? Having same issue

Hello Doug,

This is a known issue and it has been reported in the provided link below. Please feel free to visit that thread for future updates.

Link: Second Touch on Screen riggers onRelease Button - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

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