[UMG] Progress Bar: Set Bar Fill Type

Hey there,

I noticed that there is only a “Get Bar Fill Type” similar to “Get Is Marquee”, but there’s not “Set Bar Fill Type”.

Is it just not implemented or did I missed something?


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ProgressBar.h on line 87 says // TODO UMG Add Set BarFillType.

I added the code and recompiled the engine, but I have the engine downloaded from GitHub

Add after line 87 (ProgressBar.h)

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Progress")
void SetBarFillType(EProgressBarFillType::Type InBarFillType);

Add after line 63 (ProgressBar.cpp)

void UProgressBar::SetBarFillType(EProgressBarFillType::Type InBarFillType)
	if (MyProgressBar.IsValid())
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I think this one might work too. “Set By-Ref Var”.