UMG Progress bar image tiling UV's wrong

I’m trying to setup a simple progress bar with a tiled background image. When I set the background image for the progress bar, then set it to draw as an image, and then set tiling to be horizontal, the tiling UV’s are completely wrong. I checked all the settings for my texture and everything seemed fine. As a test, I dropped an image object onto the canvas, gave it the same image settings as my progress bar, and it tiles just fine. Is this a bug in the progress bar or is there some other setting I need to change?

The blue highlighted box is the image object with correct tiling, and the green highlighted box is the progress bar with duplicate settings, but incorrect tiling.

I have the exact same issue, and I just didn’t find any fix or workaround for this. Please help.

Unfortunately, I never found a way to fix this. My workaround was just using a pre-tiled texture as the progress bar image.

Set your ‘Style’ > ‘Fill Image’ > ‘Margin’ to zero.

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THIS! is the answer! It now works like it should! Thank you very much!

Wow, nice find!

Margin is no longer an option. Now what?