[UMG Progress Bar] +100% LIFE?


I want to create a multi progress bar to represent the life of my player…just like the Boss Senator Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising…He have 200% Health and when start to damage him…we can see another bar above the first…how I can do this?

I’ve built a quick example on on how to do this. The key is using normalize to range since progress bars only accept 0-1 values. I’m handling the health with the mouse wheel for demonstration sake.

Here is a shot of what the UMG graph looks like. I just placed 3 progress bars on top of each other in the designer with the correct Z-Order. I simply grab the health from the player and convert it into a percent ( health / 100), and since the health can go over 100 it works just fine.

This is the final result here


There may be a better way to do it. Perhaps binding variables to the progress bars but this should get you started.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

THANKS :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just do this with two bars, and change the color values based on the total value of the bar?

>200 = blue, second bar visible and yellow
>100 = green, second bar visible and blue
<100 = green, second bar invisible

And so on.