UMG problem while single process disabled

Hello everybody

I’m stuck now since days, the problem is when i run my game using the single process, everything work fine, but when i disable it, then comes the trouble.
What i’m trying to do is, when a player join a lobby, a new widget is displayed and replace the old one, with the server side everything work fine, but when i’m on the client side, the new widget appear overlaying the old one.
Another problem too is, i have 2 button (A,B), the button A when pressed disable B and vice versa, when i press button A with the client side, it disable B, but the action is made only on the server side, and does not happen on the client, that made me crazy
here’s a pic of my resume

Here’s what i had made for the buttons

Here’s what i had made for the change of the widget

Please can someone help with this, i’m really hopeless