UMG / PlayerState / Variables

I have variables that are stored on playerstate, the UMG calls to all playerstates to retrieve the stats to list out to all player.

When a player is killed his actor is destroyed and another one spawns, it seems like his playerstate is being lost. which i thought stayed until a map was reset etc?

Yes, it should.
Is it a player-player (human) or AI?

AI won’t always have a player state unless you tell them too (e.g. making bots).

All players. I have to test something later when I can but my umg uses gamestate to call player Array to then loop getting each playerstate to create a child widget with the playerstate values. I’m wondering if that is where the problem is.

I’m going to make a bind on the player to get its own player state and print its vales to see if it’s storing them and just the umg is not getting them.

Yeah, something doesn’t seem right there.
I know that there are issues associated player state with a pawn/character on the client, but the player state itself should be ok.