UMG pause menu - need to count in to the level, how?

Having scoured google I cannot find a decent response to this, beyond very vague answers.

Basically what I wish to do is have a count-in when exiting from the pause menu, this would not be a problem except that the UMG BP does not seem to allow delaying while game is paused.

The menu should come up whenever a level is loaded as new. Then when player hits start level we get a UMG countdown 3…2…1 then the game should begin.

I have tried this a variety of ways, from created a delay (does not work while game paused) to having a boolean variable to tell the event tick that we need to delay for 3 seconds then unpause (to check current delta against clicked delta+3 and unpause when it is >=).

It seems to just stop as soon as the boolean is changed. I mean it does not seem to fire eventtick on the BP as soon as the boolean is changed.

How are others getting around this issue?



hi! If you are doing the countdown in your gamemode blueprint, you can set the tick when paused to true.

then it will keep executing even when the game is paused. I believe you can also do this on most blueprint you have.

This is on the UMG blueprint and as far as I can see it does not have that option at all.

The problem here as I see it is that to have a clickable button in UMG it fires the event on the UMG BP and I have no way of pushing that through to fire a function or event on the gameplay BP.

Any pointers here would be great.

Ok, I have solved it, the solution is as follows for anyone else wanting this kind of thing.
As JX53mb suggested the gamemode can fire ticks when paused, so I created the blueprints to create the countdown UMG on a custom event in my gamemode blueprint and enabled the tick when paused option in details.
Then in the menu UMG I used a GetGameMode and then cast to my specific gamemode, then I dragged off the object pin and called the event.
Simple when you know how. Now I can use delay and other stuff in conjunction with my UMG (although it is a bit of a workaround).