UMG Pause animation - Lacks of the engine ?

Is it a lacks of the engine that the pause node in UMG blueprint is missing and when the game is paused the animation still playing and is not paused ?

UMG does not obey the standard rules of the game that apply to Actors and Worlds. It lives outside of that system as it does not make sense for the UI to globally seize up when the game is paused. Might be useful to have a flag in the future that can allow opting in to pausing animations based on the game’s paused state for HUD UI that you wish to pause mid animation when someone hits the Menu/Options button mid game.

As for the Pause node; there’s a Pause Animation node coming in the next release I believe.

No news about it or a boolean test has to be done to achieve the pause actually ?

You actually can pause the game and everything pauses. You need to set it up in the character BP settings.

Remember set in your GameMode that it will be pauseable.

And pause the game later is really easy. Blueprint “Set Game Pause” to change it and “Is Game Pause” to check if it is paused already or not.

Set it to buttons in your Player or Player Controller.

All the game is paused but UMG animation still playing.
The only option I found is to check in event tick if the game is paused and using a flag to pause the animation only one time when the game is paused.