UMG part callout not working with Product Viewer Template

I’ve been trying to write some Blueprints/UMG where the user clicks on a part while holding a special key (I use the Tab key), and the UMG HUD displays the Datasmith metadata for that part. I was following this example (it’s near the bottom of the page under “Example usage”):

I’m using 4.20.1, Datasmith 4.20E2, and importing CAD parts from Rhino and SolidWorks, so I know that only limited metadata is imported (name and a value).

I’ve recreated the UMG Graph and Designer exactly, as well as a level Blueprint that looks exactly the example shown above.

When the game runs, all the X-ray stuff works, the camera re-positions, etc. The Product Viewer template is working fine. I can get the UMG text to appear, but clicking with the Tab key held down does not ever change the UMG string to reflect any updated metadata. I’ve tried both Orbit Mode and Flying Mode.

Does the example referenced above not work with the Product Viewer template? Clearly there’s something I’m missing! I’m happy to attach a zipped project file.

I don’t use the product viewer template, but the attached screenshot is how I grab metadata for the name of a part It should work anywhere though, just replace the variable in the Find node with whatever key your CAD software uses, or make a variable, however you need to handle it.

The text variable that it is setting is bound in the widget to be displayed.

I’ll see if I can incorporate your method, thanks!