UMG Outline doesn't keep inside panels

I was keen to look at the new outlines and blur post process in UMG (4.15). However I have found a bug where the outline doesn’t seem to affect the size of the a grid panel when ‘Size to content’ is checked. As a temporary solution you can change the ‘Shadow Offset’ X value to that of the outline size.

Hello JUYRc_alls,

I am having some trouble recreating your issue on our end. I have a couple of questions for you to help me narrow down your issue.

  1. Can you reproduce this issue in a new project?
  2. If so could you provide a detailed list of steps so we can reproduce this issue on our end?
  3. Could you provide screenshots of your UMG editor and other related components?

Thank You!

Thank you for answering- sorry for the late response.
Yes, of course:

(I’m not sure about other panel types, but this works for horizontal boxes and grid panels)

  1. Open UMG editor.
  2. Place grid panel.
  3. Select size to content
  4. Add text box to grid panel
  5. Tweak outline, e.g Outline: 24

an overview, the text block settings, the grid panel setting

I can reproduce this on a new project.

I was able to reproduce your issue with the steps provided and logged it for a bug report here:

Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.