UMG or Slate?

Hi There,

I am in the process of developing a title using 4.6. So far I have managed to do everything in C++ (i come from C#) without much hassle. What I would like to know is the pros and cons of using UMG instead of Slate and vice versa.

When it comes to UI Development it is always a bit easier and less time consuming if you have some form of editor at hand like UMG. But at the same time it is a common fact that whenever there is wisywig type of stuff involved that you do suffer a speed penalty which is sometimes too heavy to accept.

I am pretty new to the engine and would prefer to get an opinion on this before I spend too much time building the user interface.

any advice will be really welcome.

Many Thanks

My opinion:

Try to understand a bit Slate, but don’t use it.

UMG is completely based on Slate. It is an Editor to use Slate more easy and it should be able to do the same things as Slate can. You can also extend the Widget Classes through C++. I tried learning Slate before UMG was released and without Documentation and/or tutorials it was true pain! x)

Thank you for your feed back eXi

UMG is a little more like flash and more designer friendly. It has the same functionality as the Slate editor but sometimes seems to be a little more limited in certain aspects. I also agree that you should try and understand Slate as you may find you need to use it instead in certain situations. I looked at UMG first as it looked similar to Flash and therefore I felt more comfortable with it first, i’m starting to look into Slate more now however. Definitely look at both though as Slate is interesting and may help you understand UMG a little more. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I will start with Slate:-D