UMG Open Level Crash


I’ve already asked this question over in the answer HUB with pictures of the crash error and part of the game log but figured id ask it here too I have been using UMG to create a menu system to host and join games, however it crashes whenever i try and use it. I have made a menu system before (without UMG) and it works fine. I have found another post that had the same issue and fixed it, however the solution wasn’t clear.

It’s an issue with how UMG widgets are created, they’re associated with the current world. So if the world goes away, the PIE environment detects it as a leak/external object issue. Long story short, for now just remove the widgets from the viewport before loading the next map.

Thanks i will look in to that now!

No, they’re components in the world, so the world’s destruction will remove them as well. If not, it’s a bug.

This seems to be an issue still in 4.9.1?!
Even if I remove the widget from viewport in EndPlay(…) it is still crashing with the garbage collection error…
Removing the widget directly after adding it to the viewport works. But that’s not solution as I’d like people to see the widget : ).

Any ideas on this? It worked fine in 4.8.3 and previous versions.

Apparently it’s the mid - material instance dynamic - that is created with the hud.