[UMG] OnClicked Event = Double click?

Hi friends!
I have an UMG with a button.
I’ve added OnClicked Event but I don’t understand because I need 2 clicks for press this button.
I would a 1-click button…can you help me?

SOLVED :rolleyes: I used this node:

you should post a quick screen shot of how you used it because I’m sure someone would appreciate it who won’t want to ask here publicly.


I think I might provide some help on this.

To focus on the UMG Widget without the initial click, you can do the following (First part focuses on the HUD, second on the game)


where do these last modules/nodes go?

In the level blueprint or the game blueprint?

Typically these would go in the PlayerController. But it would be in any BP that you are creating the widget and adding it to the viewport.