UMG OnClick only for certain types...

Buttons and text fields seem to be it… is there a way to set an OnClick to other items, like an image or horizontal box?

put an image in a button and shrink the border to nothing, then set the image visibility to hit test invisible. it will essentially make it work.

Ah, I can put a horizontal box in a button, then more Horizontal boxes in that one to split up the text properly. I dunno why I couldn’t figure that out before. Thanks.

Every user widget has access to all low level events. They’re accessible from the Overrides list of functions. If a builtin control doesn’t expose it, you can always make your own user widget that handles it. e.g You can make a user widget that acts like a button of your choosing.

Slate widgets don’t work like your average UI widget. In most UI frameworks the base widget class exposes everything to anyone who wants it. Slate widgets on the other hand get all the low level events, and decide what events to expose publicly and in what form. This allows their public interface and behavior to be small and well defined.