UMG on Android take long time to draw

Dear All,

My Game work well in Windows and can achieve 60fps.
However, when I package for Android, I found the UMG take very long time to draw.
Screenshot_20170806-224233 0.png
Please see the screenshot above.
You can see the draw takes 38.55ms and hence I get less than 30 fps in Android, which I think is not acceptable.

Can anyone help me to solve the problem.

PS. Why I cannot get GPU stat in Android?


Have you profile it to know for sure is umg?
How many widgets do you have on screen?
Are you using binding vars?
Are you using invalidation box?

do you have a lot of transparencies? that will slow down your umg for sure

Sorry for late reply and thank you of both replies.

I am quite sure it is due to umg, because when I enter the main game (umg for main menu), the fps increased.
I have around 20 widgets in the same UMG BP, but most of them are hidden at first. Some of them will be shown if some buttons were clicked.
I have 1 binding variable in the umg
I don’t use any invalidation box.

When I click a button in main menu, a window will appear and I use 1 image have transparency that cover the whole screen, which act as a background that separate a opened window with main menu.
But I notice that when I open the window, which have a transparency image cover whole screen, the fps decreased significantly.
So I think the cost of transparency image is very high


I have tried the Unreal Match 3 example, and see that if I click settings button to show the menu scroll, the fps is also decrease with 10.
I noticed that the menu scroll have a background.
PS. I am using UE4.16, and my phone is Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016), CPU: Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53, GPU: Adreno 306