UMG on Android simple button - image based

Iam creating simple android app - product customizer. For now everything is working, except one thing - I have problem with buttons in UMG. Standard buttons on mobile arent responsive enough - for example I have ten buttons in a row and when Im pressing one after one, device doesnt recognize all taps (sometimes it looses for example every second button). I found somewhere there a topic that explained to me that, this is a problem with regular buttons on mobile (exacly with their hovered states).

Solution was to create Images and use their on mouse down state to simulate click/touch. I did it and it solved problem completly - now UMG is super responsive.
Unfortunatley second problem appeard - with regular button I can touch and keep button on finger and my orbit camera (below UMG) is staying still. With image based button when I press and Hold my finger it doesnt lock camera movement so with pressing new buttons I always rotate camera slightly.

So my final question is - is it possible to modify this image based button in a way that it will act as regular button when finger is pressed? What is interesting - the problem doesnt exist when using a mouse.