UMG - non powers of two textures

Quick question regarding textures in UMG. I’ve got a lot of various non-uniform non-power of two textures that I need to use. If I bring them in the engine warns me that they won’t compress or mip, which seems fine since those things are turned off for UI textures anyway.

What I’m curious about is if there may be other problems or complications from using weirdo texture sizes, or if I should just oversize the transparent space around the edges to bring the textures up to normal power of two type sizes (256x256, 512x512, etc). They seem to work fine on PC, but I’m worried about future problems that may come about porting to other platforms (console, not mobile).

On mobile the textures do not display at all. Well that is what happened to me when using non power of two.
I had to then make it power of two with some blank areas to accommodate i.

It depends … if they are textures for UMG, then they should be okay … if they are textures for 3d models … then you need to keep them at power of 2 or as Crocopede stated they won’t display on mobile.

I have used non power of 2 textures for my HUD and they displayed properly on mobile … but as mentioned these were for my UMG HUD. HTH.

You only need power of 2 textures if you need mipmaps generated… I use non power of 2 images for UI all the time.

If for some reason there is incompatibility with consoles or mobile then I would consider it a bug (in which case you can let Epic know and they should fix it).

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I’ll go for it. I should know if there are console problems pretty soon.