UMG Navigation - How to use???

Hi all,

I’ve been attempting to create UMG Widget Components in my world and want a way to navigate between widgets using my gamepad.
There is a suspicious section of the UMG editor called “Navigation” which despite trying to understand the underlying CPP, I cannot make it do a single thing.

Is there any documentation or examples on how to make UMGs navigable? (preferably ones instantiated in a WidgetComponent using a gamepad).


I can’t seem to find the navigation section. Where is it ?

Edit: I found it, but it’s empty.

Navigation is a work in progress, the category should have a few options in 4.7. It has a lot more work to be done to it still.

Thanks !

Any rough timeline on when it’ll be ready to use (even in a rough state) and/or working?


I’ve got the game I’m working on fully functional with a controller. It’s hacky for now, but it gets the job done.

I’ve implemented the Input function on all my widgets, and have built an input handler where I’m checking what button is pressed and manually setting button states so they look focused. I’ve also disabled focus on everything, so no buttons actually get focus, and I’m capturing A & X button presses via the input functions and passing along to the logic that fires onClick for the various buttons in the HUD.

I’ve thought about doing a tutorial on this, but I expect its usefulness will only be for a few months until UMG properly handles navigation.

Any new material so far?..

I’m also wondering. I have a UMG UI within a scene. I tried “Set Input Mode UI only” and getting the player controller. I’ve also tried creating a Widget Interaction component and, in the Event Graph, using “press key” when the user presses the Up or Down key to send Up and Down to the Widget interaction.

Where can I specify the keys used to navigate within the UI or send the events to navigate? There’s this documentation here…ion/index.html, but that only explains pointer interaction. I don’t want to use a virtual pointer, though, but interact with the UI using, for example, keyboard events.

There are those ominous Navigation properties, but I can’t find documentation on how to use them.

The main question I have: what event do I need to send to navigate Down/Up and Select in the Menu navigation?